Indeck Energy Services

Indeck Energy Services, part of the Indeck Group of Companies, is a developer, owner, and operator of cogeneration and independent power projects. Gerald F. DeNotto is the President and CEO of the Buffalo Grove-based firm. Indeck was established in 1985 to focus on requests for cogeneration assistance received by Indeck Power Equipment Company. Indeck Power Equipment Company is North America's largest renter and lessor of emergency boilers and generator sets. Indeck Energy Services' building build peaker plants in Northwest Illinois have been extremely controversial.

Indeck Energy Services is a career patron of former Attorney General gubernatorial candidate Jim Ryan (R). Of the $159,115 it has contributed to his campaign, $115,000 was contributed by the firm and $44,115 was given by former President Gerald Forsythe.

Between 1993 and June 30, 2006, Indeck Energy Services and Gerald Forsythe contributed a combined $767,000 to candidates for Illinois statewide constitutional and legislative office. Gerald Forsythe contributed $599,000 all of which was contributed to Republicans. Indeck Energy Services contributed $168,000, 69% of which was contributed to Republicans.

Last revised June 2011.

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